Joe Dallas and The Monks - Something New - Music single - Ticino

New single “SOMETHING NEW” is out now!

Joe Dallas and The Monks, If ambition is the engine that drives us to our favourite goals, Joe Dallas & The Monks has decided to think big! A rhythm section formed by four musicians, enhanced by a horn section, a percussionist and three lead vocals. 

An ensemble that includes personalities coming from different nationalities and cultures, all members intentionally influence the sonority that starts from funk, passes through pop and is colored by jazz and latin shades.

Backed by experiences on very heterogeneous stages and situations, Joe Dallas is ready to set sail for new sounds, including further collaborations that will be told through new and evocative productions!

Joe Dallas & The Monks, diverse ensemble blending funk, pop, jazz, and Latin, explores new sounds and collaborations. From Ticino, echoing worldwide.