Who are we

In a time when large ensembles find it even harder to occupy and claim their place in the music scene, the impulse was to continue going against the stream. The “Joe Dallas and The Monks” project was born in this unusual context, a collective of musicians who primarily wish to express themselves through multiple melodic nuances, meticulously blending the timbres and sounds of several instruments.

After taking part in an extremely ambitious technical challenge producing a pilot episode for a TV show – recorded and filmed in a town square – Joe Dallas became the resident band for two months in a live streaming radio show. After this incredibly educational experience, they took part as a guest band in a live national broadcast transmitted on New Year’s Eve. A series of experiences that proved to be very important in learning how to work effectively while maintaining a collective spirit, becoming familiar with composite and complex technical realities.

The pursuit of musical collaborations is one of the key prerogatives of the project, which aims to develop its own musical curriculum characterized by original compositions and arrangements. Taking inspiration on the personalities, as well as the culture and nationality of each musician involved in the project, Joe Dallas is determined to offer an impactful musical experience, full of unexpected twists and turns and aiming to constantly enrich the collective experience.

Firmly rooted in engaging rhythms, jazz and latin sounds are mixed with Funk, Soul and RnB. Joe Dallas offers a variety of home-made compositions where the vocal lines take their inspiration from the pop world and then develop into melodies of various influences.

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